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We make software for human beings

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AboutWho we are

We are a team of skilled developers who share the same passion for creation of exceptional products and services.

We work for anyone, from small start-ups to multinational enterprises, trying to transform their ideas and visions to successful case studies.

On the remaining time, we try to create our own innovative products that benefit the greater good!

Last but not least, we are strong advocates of open source technologies and contributors to numerous open source projects.

Ισολογισμός '14 / Balancesheet '14

ServicesWhat we do

Design & Development

We can help you on any stage of the design/development lifecycle, from project inception to production deployment.

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We provide your business with knowledge and experience that can boost your team's productivity by avoiding common pitfalls.

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The fastest way to level up your team's skills with training courses tailor-made to your needs. We provide courses in various areas of software engineering.

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CareersCome abroad

As any other software company we are constantly seeking for talented people to join our team.

What really makes us different from the others is our attitude and philoshopy of putting our people first. Most importantly, having fun while being productive and efficient is equally important to us.

Life is short, do you really want to work in a boring company?

Open positions
Nada right now but stay tuned!
"We should continually be striving to transform every art into a science: in the process, we advance the art."
-Donald E. Knuth.

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